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Why we should change the way we look at chronic pain

Is undiagnosed and untreated chronic pain a nationwide epidemic? Does the American legal system’s treatment of the pharmaceutical and medical fields impedes citizens’ struggles to heal themselves? Has the media egregiously focused on the abuses of pain medication rather than extolling its virtues? Judy Foreman, a well respected and nationally syndicated health columnist, poses these questions in her new book A Nation in Pain: Healing our Nation’s Biggest Health Problem. In the following video, the author offers her personal motivation for writing the book and what truths she hopes can be illuminated surrounding this controversial issue.

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  1. Dave

    Ms Foreman has done an excellent job of detailing the problems of pain care in America- she documents the politics of poor pain care and the lack of research in pain and the poor orientation of medicine toward people in pain. Her book is easy to read and is at the same time very rigorous and well researched. She covers the evidence for both conventional and alternative treatments for pain.
    For anyone interested in knowing about and understanding the problems in pain care in America- this book is a must read.

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