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Have you ever wondered how snakes work?

Have you ever wondered how a snake slithers up a tree, captures prey far larger than the size of its jaw, or sheds all of its skin? Not many people give these reptiles a second thought. But Dr. Harvey Lillywhite, herpetologist and Professor of Biology at the University of Florida, gives them a great deal of thought. In How Snakes Work: Structure, Function and Behavior of the World’s Snakes, he covers all of the intricacies that make up snakes across the globe—from the more-or-less harmless creatures we find slithering in our backyards to the dangerously venomous reptiles we hope to never encounter in the desert. The snake slideshow below, with facts from the book and snakes photographed by Dr. Lillywhite, demonstrates how much can be learned about these fascinating reptiles including their exceptional anatomy, senses, and movements.

Image credit: All of the images used in this slideshow were photographed by Dr. Harvey Lillywhite. 

Feature Image Credit: Dr. Harvey Lillywhite.

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