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Satellite Imagery of the Eart Are you a geography buff? Are the facts and figures of the world your forte? Make the new year’s resolution to brush up on your knowledge of the world we live in. We’ve drawn up a quiz culled from the wealth of geographic information contained within the borders of the beautiful Atlas of the World. Broaden the horizons of your global perspective, levitate above the labyrinthine veins of London, or study the wake of a sailboat as it cuts through the deep, cerulean waters off the coast of Sydney. But, first, put your knowledge to the quiz below.

Accept this round trip ticket for a virtual voyage around the globe and test your exploratory skills.

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Oxford’s Atlas of the World — the only world atlas updated annually, guaranteeing that users will find the most current geographic information — is the most authoritative resource on the market. The milestone Twentieth Edition is full of crisp, clear cartography of urban areas and virtually uninhabited landscapes around the globe, maps of cities and regions at carefully selected scales that give a striking view of the Earth’s surface, and the most up-to-date census information. The acclaimed resource is not only the best-selling volume of its size and price, but also the benchmark by which all other atlases are measured.

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Image Credit: Image taken from Oxford’s Atlas of the World

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