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A conversation with Dr. Andrea Farbman on music therapy

With the American Music Therapy Association’s Annual Conference this weekend, we asked Andrea Farbman, Executive Director of the American Music Therapy Association; Dr. Sheri Robb, editor of Journal of Music Therapy; and Dr. Anthony Meadows, editor of Music Therapy Perspectives, to tell us about the profession of music therapy in a three-part series.

For nearly four decades, Dr. Andrea Farbman has worked in disability and arts advocacy, legislative policy analysis, and non-profit management. Her career with the American Music Therapy Association (National Association for Music Therapy at the time) began in 1988 and this year she is celebrating 25 years with the association. Under her tenure as Executive Director, AMTA has distinguished itself as a leading advocate for music therapy throughout the world. We sat down with Dr. Farbman earlier this year to discuss the music therapy profession and the AMTA journals Journal of Music Therapy and Music Therapy Perspectives.

Andrea Farbman discusses the growth and development of music therapy from its first uses for traumatized soldiers during World Wars I and II:

Andrea Farbman discusses the partnership between Oxford University Press and the American Music Therapy Association:

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