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World War II vocabulary

To celebrate the imminent release of Oral History Review (OHR)’s latest issue, 40.1, on oral history in the digital age, we’re delighted to share a chat between managing editor Troy Reeves and contributor Lindsey Barnes. Barnes and her colleague Kim Guise are co-authors of “World War Words: The Creation of a World War II–Specific Vocabulary for the Oral History Collection at The National WWII Museum,” a case study of developing controlled vocabulary for the oral history collections at the National WWII Museum. It — and the rest of issue 40.1 — will be available at OHR Oxford University Press page soon. Keep an eye on our twitter (@oralhistreview) and Facebook page to see when articles go live.

In addition to the article, Troy and Lindsay discuss the creation of http://ww2online.org and Lindsay reveals how those outside the field see oral history. The words “problem child” are used and no one is surprised. Enjoy!

[Troy: When Lindsay refers to problem child, she means oral history cataloging and metadata, not me.]

Or download the podcast directly.

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