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Friday procrastination: cool videos edition

Google Plus and academic productivity.

Extremely rare triple quasar found.

Fitting in with our March Madness: Atlas Edition, Oxford Bibliographies in Geography launched this week.

Nonsense botany from Edward Lear. His nonsense language wasn’t bad either.

Dead authors can tweet you out of the water.

A reminder about Open Culture’s master list.

Be thankful someone hasn’t dedicated a book to you.

One six-second drum loop versus the world.

Research librarians versus scholars.

Word trees!

The most extraordinary man to play Test cricket (h/t The Millions)

Lonely Planet Guide Saves Lives of Three Boys.

The taste of Earl Grey isn’t the only complex thing about it. It’s etymology is a little murky.

Presenting the PULP-O-MIZER. (h/t The Millions)

The women of Russian writers’ lives. (h/t The Millions)

Emir O. Filipović on cats and medieval manuscripts.

Losing common ground.

The Carlsschule experience.

For the New Yorkers/Tumblr enthusiasts: May is Tumblr month on Thirteen.

It’s okay to return your library books late if they were bombing.

If you want to apply for this NYPL internship, please also apply for a social media intern position at OUP.

Diversity, librarianship, and library resources.

Where Some Like It Hot was set.

Blind your editors with poor animations.

When art and science student interact, they create some fascinating projects.

Google Reader is leaving us. Joshua Rothman reflects.

John Snow, data journalist.

Two academics discuss the pros and cons of using Twitter as a learning tool.

What is the origin of the word scalawag?

Manipulating Google Scholar.

Most of us hate those one line ‘Thank you’ emails.

Incredibly rare valkyrie figure found.

LA County just got a bit better.

Archaeologists are trying to put together funding for another exploration of the Antikythera wreck.

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