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Top ten OUPblog posts of 2012 by the numbers

By Alice Northover

While I already gave my opinion of the best OUPblog posts of the year, it’s only fair to see what you the reader decided. Here’s our top ten posts according to the number of pageviews they received.

(10) “Olympic confusion in North and South Korea flag mix-up” by Jasper Becker

(9) “Five GIFers for the serious-minded” by Alice Northover

(8) “Seduction by contract: do we understand the documents we sign?” by Oren Bar-Gill

(7) ““Remember, remember the fifth of November”” by Daniel Swift

(6) “Puzzling heritage: The verb ‘fart’” by Anatoly Liberman

(5) “The seven myths of mass murder” by J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D.

(4) “Oh Dude, you are so welcome” by Anatoly Liberman

(3) “How New York Beat Crime” by Franklin E. Zimring

(2) “Oxford Dictionaries USA Word of the Year 2012: ‘to GIF’” by Katherine Martin

And the number one blog post of the year is…

(1) “SciWhys: Why do we eat food?” by Jonathan Crowe

And I thought it would be interesting to note that our eleventh most popular blog post of 2012 is actually from 2009. People still enjoy arguing about unfriending.

Alice Northover joined Oxford University Press as Social Media Manager in January 2012. She is editor of the OUPblog, constant tweeter @OUPAcademic, daily Facebooker at Oxford Academic, and Google Plus updater of Oxford Academic, amongst other things. You can learn more about her bizarre habits on the blog.

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