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Friday procrastination: it’s Sunday edition

By Alice Northover

The Christmas rush isn’t limited to retail outlets as the OUPblog and its editors have been busy the past few weeks, so here is our much delayed reading roundup.

In librarians versus the apocalypse, never bet against the librarians.

My new favorite bibliography courtesy of the Drunken Botanist.

Family bringing you down? You’d have had a miserable time with these artists.

The role of auditoriums in the pre-television era. (h/t Paris Review)

Letters from artists complete with paint stains.

Is your library haunted by a ghost of Christmas past?

The Highline and urban spaces.

How do you spell Hanukkah?

Robert Gray on typewriters. (h/t Shelf Awareness)

Harvard’s experimental library.

OED Appeal of the week: party animal.

Utterly marvelous OxfordWords post on John Milton.

David Gutowski’s best music of 2012 lists list is phenomenal.

Georgetown University Press I could kiss you: How to pick a publisher.

A new report on the shifting research methods of historians.

Gregory Jusdanis on intellectual culture in Greece.

Xerox, history, and historiography.

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