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Place of the Year 2012 in pictures

Fresh off the heels of an exciting “Word of the Year” week, OUP geographers are still debating what should be recognized as the Place of the Year 2012. This slideshow highlights the POTY shortlist, full of contenders that may have to duel this out.  Unless….if you make your vote below, we’ll be able to select the place that has inspired the majority of readers this year, sparing the planet World War POTY.

We don’t only want your vote, we want to see what you see!

Enter for a chance to win the newly updated 19th edition of Atlas of the World. Send in a photo of one of our shortlisted places for our panel of judges to review. It could be a street in Calabasas, CA or a panorama of Istanbul, Turkey; send us what you see. The best photo for each place will be included in a slideshow on the OUPblog on 26 November 2012. The best photo of the Place of the Year 2012 will be included in our Place of the Year 2012 announcement on 3 December 2012. If your photo is selected as the best photo of the Place of the Year 2012, then we’ll send you a copy of the Atlas of the World. Read more about the competition and enter here.

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And don’t forget to share your vote on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and other networks:
“I voted [my choice] for Place of the Year http://oxford.ly/poty12 #POTY12 via @OUPAcademic”

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