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Friday procrastination: energy pod edition

Many moons ago OUPblog had a “Friday Procrastination” series collecting some interesting (and non-Oxford!) reading from around the web. I’m hoping to kick start it again with what I’ve been reading this week. Any further recommendations are welcome.

The Association of American University Press has started a new series on their blog, including a piece from our own Susan Ferber on the book that inspired her as an editor.

Fight l’appel du vide and read about fascinating words and phrases English should really adopt.

Tufts talks tough on getting your dissertation published.

Gene Sprouse, editor-and-chief of the American Physical Society (APS), talks social media peer-review.

What is the likelihood of me getting one of these energy pods?

I should have trademarked my superhero name “Dark Social“.

Miami + cultural abrasion.

OED Appeal highlight this week: bimble, to move at a leisurely pace.

Is there a publishing brain to match the bookstore brain?

Art market disruption and renting art.

And finally, you know those hours you wasted studying? Turns out they might be useful:

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