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Anatol Lieven on American nationalism

On the one hand, there is the core tradition of American civic nationalism based on the universalist ‘American Creed’ of almost religious reverence for American democratic institutions and the US constitution. On the other, there exists a chauvinist nationalism which holds that these institutions are underpinned by cultural values which belong only to certain Americans, and which is strongly hostile both to foreigners and to minorities in America which are felt not to share those values. Deprived by nationalist ideology of the ability to explain what is happening in rational terms, some people are now turning to ideologies and demonologies that contribute greatly to the paralysis of effective government in what remains the world’s most powerful and important country.

Anatol Lieven, author of America Right or Wrong: An Anatomy of American Nationalism, examines the history of nationalism, America’s unique brand of nationalism with its varying positive and pejorative labelling, and the growing gulf between American citizens.

Nationalism and contemporary America

The American Right, religion, and the Constitution

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