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Linked Up: Subway Cars, Poetry, Rebecca Black

Dearest readers,

I think this might be the best collection of links I’ve ever gathered. So, you’re welcome. Have a wonderful weekend!

Next Stop Atlantic: a photo series documenting the hurling of MTA subway cars into the Atlantic Ocean to create artificial reefs for sea creatures. [My Modern Met]

“He doesn’t like George Michael! Boo!” This saxaphone player is committed. (I dare you not to laugh.) [Viddler]

There’s a reason you didn’t get an A+ on your creative writing homework. (Dare you not to laugh at this one, either.) [losteyeball]

Your head could look like a book. [Gizfactory]

Have you been reading The Morning News’s ‘Lunch Poems‘ series? [The Morning News]

The Word Guy gets PENsive. [Etyman]

Path of Protest: an interactive timeline of recent Middle East events [Guardian]

Nick Pitera does it again: a one-man Disney soundtrack. [YouTube]

Hilarious, ‘hardcore’, but fake Smithsonian ads [BostInnovation]

I know everyone has probably heard enough about ‘Friday’/Rebecca Black, but I have to offer up this if-you-laugh-you-lose challenge. [Johnny]

And finally, the award for Tweet of the Week goes to the Oxford Dictionaries team. [OxfordWords]

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