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Linked Up: Amazing Aidan, Lite-Brites, Cannabis U

I have set a new record! Latest-in-the-day Linked Up ever!

(I think I need some new personal goals…so if anyone has recommendations…)

5-year-old Aidan is amazing. But he has leukemia and is selling his art to help pay for treatment. Buy his art on Etsy. [tip from SirMitchell]

Are any of you fans of “The Room?” If so, you’re welcome. [The Daily What]

I wish there was a way to make drinking coffee even easier OH WAIT THERE IS! [Yanko]

This cartoon is just…amazing. [New Yorker]

I love stop-motion film. I love Lite-Brites. So. This. [Flavorwire]

Will Smith’s daughter has a recommendation for you. Careful, this will be stuck in your head for days. [Willow]

Snakes on a plane? How ’bout a crocodile? [News AU]

Shameless self-promotional plug of the week…

Dear friends from middle-school, I will probably be buying these shoes and you can’t stop me. [hypebeast]

I just discovered that there is a University dedicated to providing “the highest quality training for the cannabis industry.” So, more on that Monday… [Oaksterdam]

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