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Linked Up: Gary Vaynerchuk, Stonehenge, Sad Keith Gessen

Looking at what I’m choosing to share this week, one might call this the brand-placement edition of Linked Up. But it’s actually the accidental-brand-placement edition. Lucky them. (P.S. I think Lucky Brand Jeans is having a sale.)

Gary Vaynerchuk on wine: “It’s like smelling Batman.”

Facebook, not that popular after all.

Does Coca-Cola own happiness? They do in this case. (Yes, I know this happened months ago, but it is sooo worth re-watching.)

There’s a second (???!!!???What!?!?!?!?) Stonehenge.

A group of researchers mapped our emotions via Twitter, and it looks like blow-paint art.

PBR, not so low-brow in China.

The Old Spice spoof that almost makes me want to go back to school…

Woman’s Day encourages you to get your “literary buzz” on.

Finally. Jelloware.

McNally Jackson is so over Sad Keanu. Now is the time for Sad Keith Gessen.

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