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Friday procrastination: link love – Franz Kafka, the FBI, and bingo

Lana Goldsmith, Intern

Hello OUPblog fans. After two fantastic months of coding posts, choosing excerpts, and various other tasks, my internship at Oxford University Press has come to a close. While I am looking forward to my future endeavors, I am going to miss working here very much. I learned more than I could have ever imagined from our titles and from my bright, dedicated colleagues. I will continue to enjoy the blog from the other side in the future. In the meantime, remember: there was country music in the 1920s, we can reform the transportation industry, and you can never read too much. Thank you and enjoy!

Is social media worth it to promote your business, even if you don’t sell kayaks?

What Franz Kafka, T. S. Elliot or Charlotte Bronte’s salaries would be if they were writing today.

You have a Friend Request from: the FBI.

The true breakfast of champions!

Make your bookshelf more aesthetically pleasing.

The other other Russian Classics.

Adding words to the dictionary will make it hella heavy.

Play Bingo with your book review.

An infographic of what people look at on the Internet.

The world’s longest outdoor bookcase.

Play with your Easter food.

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