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Friday procrastination: link love – 30 Rock, the Muppets, and literary losers

Happy Friday to all you lovely OUPblog readers.  Another week of dreary rain has passed and hopefully we are one week closer to sunshine and true summer!  Below are some links to keep you busy until 5pm.  Have a great weekend.

What the government doesn’t understand about the internet and a suggestion for what to do about it.

Love your Kindle but miss that old-book-smell? The answer!

Does 30 Rock rip off the Muppet Show?

Ten literary losers.

A summer reading list bonanza.

It’s hard to get a job even if you are graduating from Harvard.

Someone should buy me tickets to this (yes, you!).  Thank you.

The one millionth word enters the English lexicon. Ben Zimmer says meh.

Mr. Charles Dickens has died at 58.

Will Facebook follow AOL’s path?

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