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Dear Place of the Week enthusiasts:

I’m writing you today with some sad news about the Place of the Week column. Ben Keene, Oxford’s geography editor and the founder of Ben’s Place of the Week, has left Oxford. For the last three years, Ben has done a superb job combing the globe in order to bring a particularly delightful, unusual, or timely locale to our attention, often with a humorous and graceful touch. I’m sure you share in my feeling that Ben’s love of geography has been contagious, and that the world now seems just that much smaller and friendlier to us all. The Place of the Week is now on hiatus and I will let you all know if we have the opportunity to start it up again in the future.

Safe travels,

Casper Grathwohl

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  1. Ben Keene

    Thanks for the acknowledgment Casper! It was an enjoyable assignment and one I’ll miss. For those web readers who find themselves in need of a daily dose of geography, travel, and a bit of wry humor for good measure, I’d encourage you to check out World Hum, a site I contribute to frequently.

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