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Friday procrastination: link love – tetris, twitter, and zombie invasions

by Cassie, Publicity Assistant

Hey everyone, happy Friday! Becca let me do link love this week so I’d stop bugging her with all the fun stuff I’ve been finding. Hopefully these will help you get through the rest of the day. Enjoy the weekend!

I knew I loved Tetris for a reason.

The most blurbed authors. Can I be David Sedaris?

See the OUPblog twitter for the correct usage of Twitter. Otherwise, see this.

A new watch phone. Do you hold it up to your wrist and talk into it?

Baen Books is offering some of their titles for free!

And in the same vein, one dollar ebooks from Orbit.

How to make an awesome Kindle cake.

Pretty products that are probably not very functional.

Are you prepared for the zombie invasion?

We had launch this week. This might have been helpful for a few people.

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