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Friday procrastination: link love – Oscar Wilde, Hubble, and whales with legs

By Cassie

Hey everyone! I’ve been distracted all week, what with Ike hitting my parents and all. So Rebecca was kind enough to let me do the link love post this week, which meant I got to spend time surfing the web with an actual purpose, instead of my usual procrastination. Hopefully what I found will keep you distracted this Friday!

I wish someone would mistake me for a famous author!

Have a conversation with Oscar Wilde, as he sits up in his coffin.

My cat would love playing with this.

Google really is looking to take over the world. The ocean is next!

There’s a lot of speculation the Large Hadron Collider will destroy the world. Has it?

Hubble found a mystery object in the sky. A UFO, perhaps?

Whales with legs?

Do we really want more literary science fiction? I happen to like science fiction as it is, thank you.

Obama and McCain start debating the issues you really care about–well, the issues I care about, anyway.

There are tons of lists that tell you what you should read in your lifetime. Well, here’s one that tells you what to skip–and why.

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