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Friday procrastination: link love – whys, whats, and wherefores

Happy Friday to all and welcome to a much deserved long weekend. As you count down the hours until Memorial Day weekend here are some links to keep you looking busy. From Scrabble’s 60th birthday, to top tourist attractions, and Terry Gross’s commencement remarks, there’s something to keep any and every procrastinator entertained…

  • Why I write the OUPblog and not a tell-all.
  • Happy 60th birthday scrabble!
  • I just finished reading What is The What, (which I read as quickly as possible because it gave me nightmares), and I encourage you all to check out the Valentino Achak Deng foundation. Some wonderful things are being done with the profits from the book.
  • A new GRE component that makes me shiver.
  • What do you think the top-25 tourist attractions in the US are?
  • Terry Gross’s commencement remarks.
  • Some good advice.
  • If you are bored this holiday weekend try one of these ideas.

Image Credit: ‘Castles, Fence, Love’, Image by Riedelmeier, CC0 Public Domain, via pixabay.

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