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Coercive Control: A Follow-Up

Rebecca OUP-US

Last Monday
I featured an excerpt from Evan Stark’s new book Coercive Control: How Men Entrap Women in Personal Life. It garnered some interesting conversation on the internet and so I thought I would round-up some of the sites you can look to for more interesting conversation and debate about domestic violence.

  • Salon’s Broadsheet writes: “…the idea that it’s the victims who are to blame eclipses an ugly reality: Ending a violent relationship is dangerous, and sometimes women (realistically or not) don’t think they could survive it.”
  • Hugo Schwyzer writes: “That fundamental myth says that we end partner violence primarily by empowering women to leave abuse relationships. The truth is that the available legal, social, and economic resources to protect women (and their children) once they’ve left are woefully inadequate.”
  • Pandagon writes: “Of course, ultimately the only way to really eradicate domestic violence is to eradicate inequality between men and women. I firmly believe that oppressive violence is just a manifestation of oppression itself, and just one of many tools that a dominant class uses to keep an oppressed class under the boot.”

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  1. richard jones iamrj

    Pandagon makes a great point — one that feminists have been hammering home for many years. See, for example, Nancy Hirschmann’s quotes and articles cited in my blog about Evan Stark’s book Coercive Control:


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