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Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ben’s Place of the Week

Visoko, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Coordinates: 43 59 N 18 10 E

Population: 15,310 (1991 census)

There are plenty of cases where tourists have been lured to destinations to see replicas of ancient architecture, or commercial complexes masquerading as cultural monuments, but how about sites that are arguably hoaxes? Residents of Visoko, a short distance northwest of Sarajevo on the Bosna River, have noticed a sharp increase in visitors of late, largely due to a hill that some say conceals the world’s largest pyramid. Although signs of settlement in the area date back to before the common era, experts remain unconvinced that the alleged Pyramid of the Sun is anything more than a natural geologic formation. With an elevation of 720 feet, the summit won’t be altogether disappointing to curious travelers: it does offer nice views of Visoko and the eastern foothills of the Dinaric Alps.


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