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Lawyers’ Poker: blogs–and “blawg”–join the table…


Allen Barra, author most recently of a biography of Paul “Bear” Bryant, interviewed Steven Lubet for the
American Heritage blog. In the interview, Lubet discusses some of the great poker players, writers, and trial lawyers that influenced the lessons in his book.

Michael Webster continues his discussion of Lawyers’ Poker with a positive review on his Psychology of Compliance & Due Diligence Law blog. Says Webster, “I look forward to sharing with you more of my experiences with this neat little book.”

Finally, Glenn Reynolds announces the book’s publication on his “Instapundit” blog.

Steven Lubet is Professor of Law at Northwestern University and a nationally recognized expert on trials and trial strategy. His latest book is Lawyer’s Poker: 52 Lessons that Lawyers Can Learn from Card Players. Visit the Lawyer’s Poker website to learn more!

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