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Ornstein gets “truthy” on The Colbert Report

Norman Ornstein dropped in on The Colbert Report last night for a dose of Steven Colbert’s unorthodox interviewing style.  Ornstein, who is a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and author of the forthcoming book on Congress, The Broken Branch, withstood Colbert’s grilling rather well, barely flinching when Colbert determined that Ornstein is actually "a Democrat."

Ornstein’s appearance on Capitol Hill last week provided fewer chuckles.  He went before the House Committee on Rules to propose lobbying reform:

The problem is not simply lobbyists throwing money around and preying on poor lawmakers. Even more significant is lawmakers desperate to raise money shaking down lobbyists to satisfy insatiable demands.

Click here to read Ornstein’s testimony to the House Rules Committee.

Video of his appearance on the Colbert Report is available at Comedy Central by clicking here.

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