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The Undercover Economist is selling Freakonomics

Tim Harford is selling his signed copy of Freakonomics on Ebay with the proceeds to go to Steven Levitt’s favorite charity, Smile Train. The story behind the auction, which is supported by Levitt, comes from an interview Harford did with Levitt in the spring. The current bid is $500, click here to get in on the action.

Last week was a big week for Harford and his own book, The Undercover Economist. The American Enterprise Institute posted video to their website of a panel discussion of The Undercover Economist with Harford, Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution and Sebastian Mallaby of The Washington Post (LINK to video is in upper right).

The week began with an excellent review in The Houston Chronicle.
The Wall Street Journal gave The Undercover Economist a strenous review , and Harford held up well in their estimation. This paragraph from the review:

“The Under[cover] Economist” distinguishes itself from the pack with a lively and insightful discourse on global poverty and what can be done about it. Mr. Harford takes you along on his trip to Cameroon, where his reporter’s eye limns the heartbreaking poverty, and his economist’s sensibility puts it all in perspective, making it blindingly clear how corruption and foolishness at the top translate into famine and hopelessness at the bottom. This part of the book is gripping. But here, too, I have an alternative recommendation: If you really want to understand global poverty, you should probably read William Easterly’s “The Elusive Quest for Growth.” If you want a quick overview, you can’t do better than “The Undercover Economist.”

Finally, Harford continues to provide fresh writing. This week on his blog he discusses apparent disparities in insurance rates for men and women drivers.

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