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Happiness on The Diane Rehm Show

Happiness author Daniel Nettle appeared on the Diane Rehm show on Friday (07/22/2005) for an hour. The entire hour-long discussion is available in the archives via the link below.

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  1. Wayne Van Zomeren

    I have not heard anyaone compare our revoluntary war with it’s no military approach e.g. shooting British oficers, hiding behind trees in stead of following the rules of war where people had three randks of infantry firing at each other until the ranks broke. Wahington’s first victory came on Christmas or Chistmas eve since the English thought it was inhuman to have the soldiers fight under winter conditions. If we armed sthe insurgency they might fight like we want them to fight. Same goes for the Palestines. We are the county who has most recently talked about deploying,bunker buster, nuclear weapons. Wayne Van Zomeren

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