Friday Feb 14th, 2014

Contradictions in Cold War-era higher education

By Caitlin Tyler-Richards
This week, managing editor Troy Reeves wears his Badgers pride proudly in an interview with historian Matthew Levin. Levin, who received his PhD in History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is the author of Cold War University: Madison and the New Left in the Sixties (UW Press, 2013). read more »

Wednesday Jul 30th, 2014

Education and crime over the life cycle

How we can cut the rising cost of running prisons
Sunday Jul 27th, 2014

Are schools teaching British values?

What do we want young people to learn?
Wednesday Jul 16th, 2014

Electronic publications in a Mexican university

Margarita Lugo Hubp on access to digital scholarship has changed the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Sunday Jun 29th, 2014

Discovering digital libraries

OUP Library Advisory Council – UK Public Librarians
Jun 24th, 2014

Common questions about shared reading time

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Jun 24th, 2014

Music parenting’s unexpected, positive benefits

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May 19th, 2014

Why we love libraries: the Aussie way

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May 7th, 2014

Writing a graphic history: Mendoza the Jew

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Apr 3rd, 2014

When science stopped being literature

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Mar 29th, 2014

What is academic history for?

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