Monday Aug 26th, 2013

Shakespeare’s hand in the additional passages to Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy

By Douglas Bruster
Why should we think that Shakespeare wrote lines first published in the 1602 quarto of The Spanish Tragedy, a then-classic play by his deceased contemporary Thomas Kyd? Our answer starts 180 years ago, when Samuel Taylor Coleridge—author of ‘Kubla Khan’ and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner—said he heard Shakespeare in this material. uk_historyoxfordjournalsliteraturetheatre-dance-leisure

Sunday Jul 20th, 2014

The month that changed the world: Monday, 20 July to Thursday, 23 July 1914

Part 6 of Gordon Martel’s series
Sunday Jul 13th, 2014

The month that changed the world: Monday, 13 July to Sunday, 19 July 1914

Part 5 in Gordon Martel’s series
Saturday Jul 12th, 2014

Daniel Mendoza: born on the 4th of July (249 years ago)

Ronald Schechter explores the discrepancy around Daniel Mendoza’s true birthday and why it matters
Saturday Jul 12th, 2014

Songs for the Games

Mark Curthoys looks into the history of the Commonwealth national anthems
Jul 3rd, 2014

What can poetry teach us about war?

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Jun 30th, 2014

Margot Asquith’s Great War diary

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