Monday Feb 25th, 2013

Images of Ancient Nubia

For most of the modern world, ancient Nubia seems an unknown and enigmatic land. Only a handful of archaeologists have studied its history or unearthed the Nubian cities, temples, and cemeteries that once dotted the landscape of southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Nubia’s remote setting in the midst of an inhospitable desert, with access by river blocked by impassable rapids, has lent it not only… read more »

Tuesday Apr 8th, 2014

Twenty years after the Rwandan Genocide

Scott Straus on Rwanda in April 1994 and today
Monday Apr 7th, 2014

A brief history of ethnic violence in Rwanda and Africa’s Great Lakes region

J. J. Carney on the history before the Rwandan Genocide
Saturday Mar 15th, 2014

Celebrating Women’s History Month

A reading list
Thursday Feb 27th, 2014

The Plantation Church: a Q&A with Noel Erskine

A short history of the Plantation Church and its origins in the Caribbean
Jan 8th, 2014

Down and out in Bloemfontein

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Dec 26th, 2013

Exploring the seven principles of Kwanzaa: a playlist

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Dec 21st, 2013

A Nelson Mandela reading list

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Dec 12th, 2013

Kenya’s government 50 years after independence

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Dec 6th, 2013

Mandela, icon

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Dec 5th, 2013

In memoriam: Nelson Mandela

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