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National Poetry Month: Fevers of Artistic Dreams

Welcome to National Poetry Month! This month we have invited the Buffalo Poets (bio at bottom) to help us celebrate. Every Friday for the rest of the month they will share their essays, poetry and whatever else strikes them. This is their space for a month and we hope that they can infuse all of us with some of their enthusiasm. Without further ado…

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National Poetry Month: Pirates of the Avant Garde

Now, with the web, and the growing number of online archives devoted to (for lack of better words) avant garde and experimental writing movements we are in a new age of access. Some of this work is up through the benevolence of the writer and creator, some of it, must belong to the true heirs of Mayakovsky. Three great resources here…

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National Poetry Month: Poetical Understanding of Reality

To provide some poetical meditation into the nature of reality. Buddhist philosophy is inwardly directed scientific method. Experimentation of the spirit, and as a result there are parallels between long held Buddhist descriptions of reality and some currently accepted physical ones. Metaphor as the essential tool of learning. All knowledge reflecting and scattering off the surface of reality and received and interpreted by the curled consciousness factory of the mind.

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