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Friday procrastination: hatchet-man edition

By Alice Northover

If my grandfather could survive the Siege of Leningrad and still distinguish between a German and a Nazi, then so can I says Polina Aronson.

Shakespeare and food.

The Sight and Sound Film Poll: An International Tribute to Roger Ebert and His Favorite Films


A goat beauty contest.

The Hawk Cam is back!

Pesticides are damaging bee brains.

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Swedish tech language.

Can you help us antedate bromance?

Higher education spending is going downhill.

Physicists argue about sterile neutrinos.

How academics can talk about policy.

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Social media and study abroad programs.

DPLA has launched.

International education, an Australian perspective.

Are ebooks a different genre?

A philosopher finds employment.

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Don’t think about how useful your degree is.

Next up for exhumation, Alfred the Great.

Hatchet-man of the railways is a great epithet.

Zoë Triska doesn’t want you begging any questions.

Historic homes at risk.

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