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The Constitution and the health care debate

Many Americans share a deep reverence of the Constitution — perhaps to the country’s detriment. While we have learned from the Founders and Framers, they didn’t issue commandments. They left room for interpretation, change, and even some disobedience. Louis Michael Seidman, author of On Constitutional Disobedience, spoke to us about how this eighteenth century document is influencing our modern debate on health care and his controversial take on how to bring American laws up to date.

How does the constitution influence the debate on health care?

How can the United States maintain its civil liberties?

What’s your take on Seidman’s views? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Louis Michael Seidman is Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University. His books include On Constitutional Disobedience, Our Unsettled Constitution, Equal Protection of the Laws, and Silence and Freedom.

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