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Friday Procrastination: Link Love

Happy Friday to all!  As it is getting really steamy outside I think it is a good idea to spend your Friday at a nice air-conditioned desk, perusing the OUPblog and our Friday link love.  Okay, okay, the beach would be great, but if you can’t pull it off today I suggest procrastination, OUPblog-style.

Maira Kalman on Benjamin Franklin.

Do you have a literary tattoo?

Edible haikus?

If you can’t get the rain to go away at least you can carry a sunny umbrella.

Goody-Goody Hormone Now Linked to Envy, Gloating

A new Sherman Alexie story.

Can you say “no” to divorce?

I rocked out to this ad.

Some University Press books worth paying attention to.

POTUS delivers cupcakes.

How do we spend our time?

Heading to the beach this weekend?  Can you make a sandcastle like one of these?

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