Book Models

Purdy, Director of Publicity

As a former childhood model who appeared on the cover of a Time/Life book, in the July 4th 1976 issue of the New York Times Magazine, in a few book of portraits by Duane Michals, and in a photo essay in the premier issue of Parenting Magazine, not to mention turning up as hotel art in DC and San Francisco, I have often felt a kindred spirit with Danny Bonaduce as my cutest, brightest moments piqued so early in my life. I am not bitter and do not miss the near celebrity I almost enjoyed from my modeling years, but I recently befriended a publicist at an imprint in the Penguin Group. Our paths crossed as we geared up to promote Ammon Shea‘s Reading the OED and the OED‘s 80th anniversary. A friendship grew out of our promotional efforts and now as I prepare my summer reading agenda, it has come to my attention that my friend is jacket candy on a forthcoming title from Berkley Trade (sounds so pornographic, yup that’s him in the jacket to the left). As former jacket candy myself I feel obligated to offer this advice to my friend. “T– put some clothes on for Pete’s sake. Stay young and beautiful if you want to be loved.”

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