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Happy Friday everyone! This is Cassie, bringing you link love today. I’m out of the office, but I’m making good use of the time–I’m signing a new lease today! That’s right, I’ll be moving soon. My next summer Friday will probably feature back-breaking labor.

Here are some links to keep you occupied while trapped in cubicle-land.

Gwyneth Jones, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award in 2002, gives us her list of the top ten science fiction novels by women.

Oh no! Don’t take away my jalapeƱos!

Ron Paul is writing another book.

I was always afraid of sharks, but apparently I was scared of the wrong sea creature. The jellyfish have arrived!

A book from the ‘Sex and the City’ movie is now reality.

Vanity Fair does a take on the controversial New Yorker cover.

Calling all authors: what single word underpins your entire body of work?

Ebert and Roeper are no longer on the air–so who’s Disney tapping to take their places?

NPR discusses what has happened to kids books.

A soldier’s blog is discontinued.

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