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Friday Procrastination: Link Love

Happy Friday everyone! I’m Cassie and I am a publicity assistant at OUP. Rebecca was kind enough to let me compile link love this week, which meant I got to spend more time surfing the web than writing press releases. Oh happy week! Use the fruits of my labors to do some time wasting of your own.

Not that I could afford one of these, but they sure are pretty.

Some amazing and artistic images.

20 of the best science books.

Do you guys remember Bill Nye: The Science Guy?

Behind the scenes at the Daily Show.

Maybe I should volunteer for this study of sarcasm.

Have you ever been indifferent about a book everyone else loves?

$10,000 for a floating pig?

Why Jurassic Park is not a pro-science movie.

Joseph Nye, the author of The Powers to Lead, wonders: is Obama really that charismatic, or is it just the circumstances of this year’s election?

The 100 best lines from novels.

Congrats to the Oxford authors nominated! Vote here for your favorite intellectuals. (Somehow I didn’t make the list! Well, maybe next year.)

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