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I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently meeting with my fellow press bloggers and talking about how exciting it is to be harnessing the internet to stimulate conversation about books.  But the OUPblog isn’t the only place to find interesting content.  I thought it would be nice to share some of the great blogging going up on other press sites. So please, take some time this Friday to explore the fascinating world of press blogs.

How does a writer make his own story into a screenplay?

Just how do culture and ethnic identity-making work in tandem? Ask Jonathan Freedman author of Klezmer America.

Are woman human?

Can the media cover climate change accurately?

Will new technology open up authoritarian regimes?

What former Phillies player passed Ty Cobb to become baseball’s career leader in hits in 1985?

The Yankees’s First Dynasty and Ed Barrow.

A podcast with Gayle Greene, the author of Insomniac, and Rajmohan Gandhi, the author of Gandhi: The Man, His People, and the Empire.

A podcast with Richard Sennett and Gus Speth about how the free market system will need to adjust in the face of serious environmental changes.

How to navigate Youtube.

Can companies do well by doing good?

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